Town Council

Welcome to the beautiful historic Town of Shelburne, Nova Scotia. It is my great privilege to have the opportunity to serve the residents of our town as Mayor while we move forward over the next 4 years.

Your Council is committed to operating in an open and transparent manner so we invite you to visit our web page, drop in the office and speak to myself and the other councillors regarding issues that are important to you. We welcome your input.

As well we invite you to attend any of our regular Council and committee meetings. Our agendas and minutes are being posted on the website in an effort to allow you ample opportunity to not only be aware of our discussion but to afford you the opportunity to give feedback.  Town Council can be reached by writing a letter, sending an email, using the Public Input tab on this website under the "Town Council" heading, sending a message via Facebook, or requesting a delegation to present at a Council Meeting through the Town Clerk.  For a list of committees and dates that we meet, please see our website.

Shelburne sits at the head of the 3rd deepest natural harbour in the world and has long enjoyed a great seafaring history including the traditional fishing as well as boatbuilding both industries providing strong livelihoods for many families over the years. In more recent years, our economy has expanded to include farmed fish and a resurgence of ship repair.

Our rich history includes a wonderful and diverse number of cultures including the Black Loyalists, British Loyalists both of whom came to Shelburne in 1783 seeking a new life. The descendants of several of these families remain in Shelburne today with Birchtown boasting the then largest settlement of freed slaves in North America.

In Birchtown, just minutes from the Town of Shelburne, you can visit the Black Loyalist Heritage site. A walk down Dock St. will demonstrate not only the pristine beauty of our active working harbour but as well in our historic district, you will view the largest number of wooden homes in North America.

Shelburne has many other attractions and events throughout the year including, productions and events at the Osprey Arts Centre, the Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club which has produced world class champion sailors, Founders Days, the Whirligig Festival, Annual Street Dance, Power Boat races, a weekly farm market to name a very few of the things that make Shelburne the place to live or visit.

In Shelburne you will some of the best restaurants in Canada offering a broad variety of cuisine ranging from casual fine dining to family dining. One is sure to find something that will please every palette.

Shelburne is also home to the award-winning microbrewery, Boxing Rock Brewing Co.

Shelburne is quickly becoming the place to live in Southwestern Nova Scotia. If you enjoy an active life style while at the same time the peace and safety of a rural community, you can find it right here in Shelburne.

Town Shelburne Town Council Strategic Plan

Town of Shelburne Report Card 2018