Tax Sales

Under the Municipal Government Act (MGA) Section 134 (1) allows property to be sold if taxes are in arrears one year; while Section 134 (2) indicates property shall be sold if taxes are in arrears for the preceding three years.

 In 2014 Council approved a tax sale policy outlining the procedure regarding the sale of property(s) in arrears:

“Commencing with the taxation year ending March 31, 2015 and subject to exceptions outlined in the Tax Sale Policy, any property which is in arrears of taxes for the two preceding taxation years, shall be placed on the Tax Sale List as soon as possible after June 30th of the following taxation year.”

Tax Sale Policy

View the entire section 134, under the MGA Act



For more information regarding Tax Sale properties, please contact:

Jane Crowell,
Manager of Finance
(902) 875-2991 ext. 3