Canada 150 Art Contest

Guild Hall Grand Opening, May 26th-28th 2017

To keep up to date on what is happening at the Guild Hall this summer, visit the "Guild Hall" tab under Living in Shelburne.

You can find out more about upcoming performances and special events!

Down-Payment Assistance Program

Down-Payment Assistance Program for first time homebuyers.

Spring Town Wide Yard Sale

Watch videos of Town Council Meetings on Vimeo


The Town of Shelburne has a new Vimeo Channel where you can watch the latest Council Meetings.  Agenda items are time stamped in the description for each video.

Town of Shelburne Vimeo Channel

Town Council Approves Capital Budget

2017-18 Capital Budget Press Release

Employment Opportunity

Volunteer Week 2017 Proclamation

Proclamation Volunteer Week 2017

Walk for Values Day Proclamation

Proclamation Walk for Values Day April 23rd, 2017

National Poetry Month Proclamation

National Poetry Month Proclamation April 2017

Capital Budget Meetings Schedule


Monday, April 10th                           5 – 6:30 PM  

Tuesday, April 11th                           5 – 6:30 PM  

Wednesday, April 12th                      5:30 – 7 PM


For more information on the Town of Shelburne's 2017/18 Budget, click on the attached information page

  Town of Shelburne Operating Budget Press Release

SVFD Road Hockey Postponned

The SVFD Road Hockey Challenge has been postponed to a future date in the Spring. In the meantime, get your team together and keep an eye out for upcoming promotion.


Road Hockey Postponed

Shelburne Highway Twinning Public Consultation

Thursday, March 9th, 2017 

6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Shelburne Community Centre

King Street, Shelburne, NS


Nova Scotians are invited to attend public consultation sessions on the highway twinning report.

Twinning the eight sections included in this study would cost more than $2 billion. Given that cost, we’re studying the feasibility of tolling as an option to allow twinning to take place sooner.

These consultations will present information on how highways can be twinned sooner using tolls.

All materials that will be presented at the session will be available for download before the first session at

In addition to the 12 in-person sessions, feedback can be submitted online at or by mail.

Plan Shelburne Open House: Part 2

Plan Shelburne Public Open House Today The second Open House is being held today at the Community Centre, Mens' Room from 12-4pm and 6-8pm. Topics will include residential zoning, accessory dwelling units, farm animals and heritage.

The survey for the second Open House is available here: Plan Shelburne Public Survey Part 2
Hard copies of both the first and second surveys will be available at the front desk of the Town Office. The deadline for submission is March 15th. Hope to see you there!

World Plumbing Day Proclamation

Plan Shelburne Public Open House February 14 - Rescheduled

Due to the effects of yesterday's storm, the Public Open House Scheduled for today (topics include commercial uses, home-based businesses, and environmental management considerations with regards to new development) will be held on February 21st (12-4pm; 6-8pm).  

The topics to be covered on the original February 21st Open House (residential uses, accessory dwellings, heritage, and farm animals) will be re-scheduled for an Open House to be held on March 2nd (12-4pm; 6-8pm).

  If you have any questions regarding the public sessions please contact:

 Darren Shupe

Manager of Community and Economic Development,

Town of Shelburne

PO Box 699,

168 Water Street, Shelburne, NS, B0T 1W0

(902) 875-2991 (ext. 6)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.