MARS-Marine Animal Response Society

Did you know ??Marine Animal Response Society (MARS)-We are a charitable organization dedicated to marine animal conservation in the Maritime Provinces through research, engagement and responding to incidents involving marine animals such as whales, dolphins and seals. We operate the only toll-free incident reporting hotline for the Maritimes, offering communities access to expert advice on dead or distressed marine animals. This includes live animals that are observed entangled, found alive on beaches, or find themselves in odd locations like up rivers. As well, it includes animals that are found dead, floating at sea or on beaches, for which it is highly desired to determine why it died via a necropsy (an animal autopsy). Our goal is to build relationships so we can work together to protect marine animals and our ocean ecosystem.Our work to assist and better understand these animals cannot succeed without the help of local communities and the dedicated folks who report animal incidents to our hotline. From there, due to limited physical resources such as vehicles or boats, we often need to rely on local partners and the community to assist us to ensure a successful response.We ask you to report any incidents involving stranded, entangled, injured or dead marine animals to our incident hotline: 1-866-567-6277For further information: