Joint Statement - Town & Yacht Club

To the residents of the Town of Shelburne and Municipality of Shelburne; Some of you may have noticed there is early sailboat traffic in the harbour.

This is to let you know that SHYC board and management, representing the Shelburne Harbour Marina Association, are working closely with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to manage these arrivals in the midst of the Covid-19 situation.

 In the case of the boats that have arrived and more which are expected, these are all Canadians returning from overseas per the federal government’s directive and came to the first available port of entry – Shelburne. They are not tourists. CBSA has been made aware of them prior to arrival and they are being directed, per CBSA, under the requirements of the provincial state of emergency.

 One boat belongs to a family who own a house in Shelburne. That family has been cleared by CBSA to go directly to their home and self-isolate per provincial guidelines. Another boat is bound for Quebec. After making repairs and provisioning, they've been cleared by CBSA to proceed directly there. They have not stepped foot off their boat and have complied “to the letter” with the directives provided by Canada Border Services inspectors. In the above cases, as with any additional boats that arrive, provisioning is being arranged by SHYC Marina Association volunteers following all social distancing and other protocols.

 Please be advised, under no circumstances are crews permitted to leave their boats.

Those boats who must quarantine here will do so on moorings with periodic provisioning arranged by our volunteers, as noted above.

 On behalf of the club and the town, we want to thank the Shelburne Harbour Marina Association volunteers for their work in making this happen and keeping everyone safe.

 For SHYC, Rob StorkCommodore

 For Town of Shelburne, Karen Mattattall Mayor