Economic Development

A Complete Town is a sustainable community in that the majority of day to day needs can be met without having to travel afar. Economic Development entails a coordinated effort from policies makers, key stake holders, and the greater community to support and enhance the quality of living and improve the economic health of the Town. This means that the Town is active in promoting the continued growth of existing businesses while looking to attract those who see the value in a small town setting, whether they are looking to retire here or relocate for work or establish a business. To this end, the Town of Shelburne has created an Economic Development Strategic Action Plan which outlines key goals and actions for the Town over the next 5-10 years.

To view the Town of Shelburne’s Economic Development Strategic Action Plan please click on the link below.

EcD Cover2

Economic Development Strategic Action Plan 2016

Economic Development relies on the relationships formed with a variety of partners to help coordinate and support growth in the Town. Links to some of our partners and services are listed below.  

Tourism is a priority economic sector for the town. As part of the Economic Development Plan, a Tourism Strategic Action Plan was approved by Council in April 2017. The Tourism Plan provides a framework and guideline for Tourism development activities to be undertaken by the Town over the next three years.   To view the Town of Shelburne's Tourism Strategic Action Plan please click on the link below:

Town of Shelburne Tourism Strategic Action Plan

Town of Shelburne Tourism Strategic Plan 2017

A Complete Shelburne is inclusive and socially active in the way it celebrates through events and festivals a distinct local culture, heritage, and character while being welcoming to newcomers and appreciating the energy and talents of those who have recognized the beauty of the area. A list of our key festivals and events are found below.

The Town of Shelburne places particular emphasis on the continued development of tourism as a key industry for the area.  To this end, the Town has established the positions of Tourism and Marketing Coordinator and Events Coordinator to help oversee and coordinate these efforts.

Town Shelburne Events Strategy 2018 - 2021

Tourism and Marketing Coordinator

Town of Shelburne Events Coordinator

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